The Safer Insulation Solution is a nonprofit collaborative effort to reduce exposures to hazardous flame retardants in building insulation by:

  • Providing unbiased information to professionals in the fields of architecture, building, fire safety, and code enforcement.

  • Updating building codes so that foam plastic insulation without flame retardants can be manufactured and used safely.

This would:

Positively impact human health and the environment. Flame retardants used in foam plastic insulation are associated with neurological and reproductive impairment hormone disruption, cancer, aquatic toxicity, and other adverse impacts.

Decrease production of toxic combustion products. Flame retardants in foam plastic can increase production of toxic dioxins, furans, and other harmful by-products formed during manufacturing and in fires.

Reduce lifecycle pollution from foam plastic insulation. Manufacturing, landfilling, incineration, and recycling of foam plastic insulation leads to environmental release of flame retardants. For instance, building insulation accounts for an estimated 87% of all releases of the flame retardant HBCD to the environment.

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