In the News

27 FEB 2017: Op-ed: Berkeley should improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings. Berkeleyside.

20 FEB 2017: Klobuchar Pushes For Firefighter Cancer Registry In Minneapolis. Environmental Health News.

13 FEB 2017: A Toxic Scavenger Hunt: Finding the First 10 Lautenberg Act Chemicals. Environmental Defense Fund.

25 JAN 2016: As Washington state decides on stronger toxics law, residents are breathing flame retardants. Environmental Health News.

15 MAY 2015: Quest to eliminate chemical flame retardants from Californian homes is far from over, experts say. The Guardian.

08 OCT 2013: Law may cut use of flame retardants_SFGate. SFGate.

26 JUN 2013: An Environmental Catch-22: Fire Safety Chemicals in Insulation Pose Risks. KQED Science.

26 AUG 2013: Worldwide ban on flame retardants | Science Codex. Science Codex.

10 JUN 2013: Transparently NeoCon Healthy Building News. Healthy Building News.

03 JUN 2013: Spray-Foam-Endangers-Occupants-Health-Lawsuits-Allege. EBN: 22:6.

03 JUN 2013: Plastics-Industry-Still-Shouting-Fire-At-Its-Own-Peril. EBN: 22:6.

03 JUN 2013: Flame Retardants Put Firefighters at Risk. EBN: 22:6.

05 APR 2013: Flame Retardants Go Under the Microscope. EBN: 22:5.

01 MAR 2013: California Bill Would Address Flame Retardants in Insulation. EBN: 22:3.

05 FEB 2013: S.F. Ex-Firefighter Battles Cancer. SFGate.

01 JAN 2013: Getting Flame Retardants Out of Foam Insulation. EBN: 22:1.

26 NOV 2012: US study finds health and environmental risk in building insulation. Green Science Policy Institute.